Workout of the Week #5: 400m run + press-ups

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Workout of the Week #5

Complete four rounds of a 400m run and 25 press-ups as fast as you can.

Each round: 400m run + 25 press-ups

400m run form guide:
Before you begin, warm-up gently on a treadmill. Set the incline to 1% to mimic what it feels like to run on the road, and start at a brisk walking pace. Gradually increase your pace over five minutes until you find a speed you think you can maintain for each 400m run. The key to getting a good time will be to jump on and off the treadmill without having to decrease its speed. But to do this you need to be careful. After your first 400m, grab the supports either side of the treadmill firmly and at the same time lift yourself off and plant your feet either side of the moving belt. Carefully step off the treadmill and rep out your press-ups. Now get back on the treadmill belt carefully by again using the supports. Turn your legs over quickly to match the speed of the belt, but don’t let go of the supports until you feel you’ve got your natural running gait back. Now release the handles and chase down that 400m. Repeat this process for each round.

Watch the video, take on the challenge and post your best time in the comments section below.

The MF time to beat:

MFer: Fitness Editor Sam Rider
Time: 8min 21sec
Tip: ‘Use your warm-up wisely to find the highest speed you think you can maintain for each 400m lap,’ says Sam.

Shot at The Athlete Centre in Oxford:

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