Workout of the Week #4: wall ball squat throw + press-up

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Workout of the Week #4

Complete 10 rounds of 10 wall ball squat throws and 10 press-ups as fast as you can.

Each round: 10 wall ball squat throws + 10 press-ups

Wall ball squat throw form guide:
Holding a 5kg med ball at chest height, stand in front of a wall. Keep your chest up as you lower into a squat so your thighs go at least lower than parallel, then drive back up before pushing the ball high up against the wall. Aim so it brushes against the wall and bounces back into your hands before you continue into the next rep.

Watch the video, take on the challenge and post your best time in the comments section below.

The MF time to beat:

MFer: Fitness Editor Sam Rider
Time: 5min 46sec
Tip: ‘Pick a spot on the wall and aim for that with each throw,’ says Sam. ‘If you miss the spot you’ll have to adjust to catch the ball and waste valuable seconds.’

Shot at The Athlete Centre in Oxford:
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