NEW Best Creatine Defined – Field Test with Strongman Zach Kuipers

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Zach Kiupers is back, this time to field test Best Creatine Defined. Since creatine is known to increase strength, we picked five Strongman exercises for this workout. The goal is endurance – keep Zach’s heart rate up, burn fat and build muscle.

Zach takes his creatine before the workout begins, but you can take one scoop at any time throughout the day. In addition to increasing strength, supplementing with creatine will give you that full, hard look, without the excess water weight. Best Creatine Defined is special in that it was formulated so that users will not feel bloated. Plus, it requires zero loading.

Strongman Strength Conditioning:
Tire Flip 3×10
Sled Pull 3×40 yd.
Stone Carry 3×20 yd.
Single Arm Clean & Press 3×10
Bench Press 3×10


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