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JJ interviews Jeff Moore from Wildthingsseafood.com about simple seafood recipes, and five ingredients that you can use to make any seafood taste awesome. Jeff says to use a pure olive oil “because a pure olive has a higher smoke point, it will not burn off and become rancid in the cooking process”. JJ agrees, and adds that macadamia oil is her favorite. She also says that you shouldn’t use lemon juice from plastic bottles, because of the phthalates they contain. Instead, use real lemon juice to temper blood sugar response.

For seasoning, Jeff says “Sea salt is so wonderful because it literally brings out the flavor or the amplitude of dish”. JJ adds that sea salt is an amazing supplement because of all the minerals you get, and it’s detoxifying. Other seasonings to use are lemon pepper and garlic pepper. JJ asks about thawing fish, and Jeff responds “Nice cool water is going to thaw fish, but there’s a website called cookitfrozen.com put out by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute that shows you how to take the seafood out of its package, rinse in cold water, and then bake, grill or sauté from frozen.” JJ and Jeff agree that you can cook great seafood at home consistently using just 5 ingredients.
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